Made for the GDevelop Game Jam #3 - Theme: SEPARATION

This is a minimalist platform/puzzle game, in which you control 3 characters at same time: RGB (Red, Green and Blue) . I hope you figure out  the game's relation with the theme when you play ;)

Unfortunately i didn't find much time, so it is pretty simple. I hope you enjoy and finish it. It has 6~7 stages only. 



  • Move  Left/Right arrow key
  • Jump -  Spacebar
  • Interact - [E]
  • Reset Level [R]


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Hey there, your game needs to be uploaded to liluo(Now known as gd.games) to be considered for a prize, please upload your game there and add the link to this game's description. 👍


Thank you! I just did it. Hopefully my first of more published at gd.games 


Very smart and super hard. Really nice work!

this is beautiful. i love how you incorporated the theme and how well you merged puzzle with platformer. it's beautiful to play and very unique.

I like it :