This game was made for the GDevelop Gamejam #1

  • PRESS F11 to play in real FULL SCREEN

There is a guide during the game play teaching the user how to play. But here tips:

  • PRESS [R] to restart the last checkpoint
  • You can always start a new game from main menu if you run out of resource or get stuck in some level. 
  • Preserve your resources to beat hard levels.

Please feel free to leave a message, suggestion or any feedback.

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The graphics and effects are awesome but make it more smooth in future as it is bit laggy. Well done  :)

Thank you! I will :)

i loved the mechanism. And the graphics damn....i can see the amount of hard work here. Also the audio. The environment you designed is perfect itself. Great work .

also plz do consider trying our game as well. we would love to get your opinion 😊

Please rate it :)

I will check yours as well! Thanks!

ohh sorry i directly scrolled to comments😅 done now

You did a fantastic job with this game, developing an ambient atmosphere between the graphics and audio, and the mechanics are super interesting and unique. As a trackpad user,  the whole "switch tool" technique was a bit tricky to figure out on account of not having a scroll wheel, but not unmanageable, and the difficulty curve spiked hard, but otherwise I really enjoyed this game, both mechanically and presentation-wise.

Thank you very much!

I havent consider trackpad users when developing. My fault!

I am glad you enjoyed.  

It is a good idea to collect, save and recycle as much resource as you can to the last 2 levels.

great, but I wish you can make a better background.

this one burns my eyes